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When You’re Facing A Felony In Harris County

When You’re Facing A Felony In Harris County

By on Jul 22, 2015 in The Crime Blog |

If you’re facing felony criminal charges in Houston it’s important that you take steps that serve your interests as your life and your freedom are on the line. The reason I say your freedom is on the line is because if you’re convicted in the court of law for your crime will go to jail. The reason why say that your life is on the line is because if you’re convicted in a court of law for a serious felony you may face the death penalty, or jail sentence that is so long that the environment will be created for something bad to happen to you, like death, if you’re forced to live in a Texas prison facility for an extended period of time. When I say an extended period of time, I’m talking hard incarceration in a prison facility operated by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Reasons Why People Commit Crimes

There are number of reasons that people would enter a criminal lifestyle. One of the reasons that people answer criminal lifestyle is for the sake of profit based on the dream of a quick buck. Other reasons include socioeconomic barriers that were created during the founding of the United States of America which target certain segments of society leaving them susceptible to becoming an active figure in the criminal lifestyle. In most cases, it is not the fault of the defendant that they engaged in a criminal lifestyle.

The Houston Crime Lab & It’s Problems

The Houston Police Department’s crime lab has, for years, undergone a play of incompetence as it relates to the proper storage, and cataloging of very important evidence gathered from crime scenes that of been investigated by detectives. A number of innocent people are in jail today as a result of unsavory and disdainful law enforcement practices by police agencies and Sheriff’s offices all over the state of Texas. The supremacy of certain cultures is ensured by using the law as a weapon of demographic control. And it works.

Attorneys For Fighting Criminal Charges

If you want to avoid becoming a statistic, we recommend contacting a Houston criminal attorney as soon as possible so that your rights may be defended, and that you may walk out of court a free man after beating your charges. Whether you are guilty or not, you have a right to an attorney and should fight to protect your rights and not become a victim of some prosecutor who is looking to pad their stats on the lives of young men and women who are forced into the criminal justice system as a result of economic discrimination and propaganda by various media outlets whose main purpose is to edge them in that direction.