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The Alternative to Austin Bail Bonds: Jail Release Services

The Alternative to Austin Bail Bonds: Jail Release Services

By on May 15, 2019 in Criminal Justice |

When a person finds out their loved one is in jail in Austin, Travis County, TX, their immediate reaction may be to call an Austin bail bonding agency, but that’s not the best option. The best option for getting a loved one out of jail is to hire an Austin jail release attorney. The main reason why hiring a jail release attorney in Austin is the best idea is because the cost is cheaper, the process is faster, and the person getting them out of jail will be representing them on their case.

What Austin Jail Release Attorneys Do

The Role of Travis County Jail Release Lawyers

The main objective of a jail release lawyer is to secure the release of a person that’s incarcerate at the county jail during pre-trial. A person should not be jailed until proven guilty, and if they aren’t a flight risk, they should be released from the custody of the state. That’s the law in Texas. And that’s that.

So if you’re looking for jail release attorney in Austin, I’ve added some leads below.

The Austin Jail Release Lawyer
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